SEWA fights Child Sexual Abuse

Child Sexual Abuse is one of the gravest problems faced by our society. However, many choose to brush this under the carpet. It is time we come together and open up. SEWA joins hands with ARPAN to fight Child Sexual Abuse. Ms Nehal Parekh, is the Director, Prevention and Resource Development, Arpan, an award winning organisation working since 2006 on the cause of preventing Child Sexual Abuse in India. We are conducting full week of activities to create awareness and break the silence around this evil.

Videos, Posters, Podcasts, Online Polls, Interviews, online interactions with children, SEWA, in partnership with Arpan, highlighted the issue of Child Sexual Abuse from 14th November to 20th November through the Child Safety Week Initiative. Congratulations to all SEWA members who worked to spread awareness and initiate change. Let us continue to be vigilant and vocal about Child Safety.