Our Initiatives

Education (Scholarships):
a. Aid/scholarship to meritorious girls and women.
b. Financial support to sportswomen, artists representing the state at National/ International levels
c. Distribution of notebooks, textbooks and other necessities.

Enterprise (Business Support):
a. Free consultancy and administrative support to women who wish to start a small enterprise.
b. Products/ Services of these businesses will be promoted on the platform of SEWA and Mrs India Telangana.
c. Interest free/ low interest rate loans.


Enhance (Quality of life through Health and Hygiene):
a. Campaigns to distribute Calcium tablets
b. Providing access to sanitary napkins
c. Conducting medical camps
d. Supplying medicines
e. Creating awareness about Breast Cancer
f. Care to be taken during pregnancy
g. Other issues relating to women’s health.

Emancipate (Freedom from restrictions through Self-Defence):
a. Organise camps and facilitate training programs for young girls and ladies in the art of self defence if they are faced with adverse circumstances.

Empathy through Counselling:
a. Partner with reputed and like-minded organisations to organize camps for Counselling women going through mental hardships such as depression, domestic abuse, family disputes, etc to help them overcome the situation.

a. Protect, preserve and nurture our environment
b. Work towards reducing the use of plastic, conserving water, planting of trees, re-use of existing items innovatively.
c. Promoting a clean environment (Swachch Telangana) and such other initiatives.

Extra (Other Events):
a. Annadaan, Distribution of Water bottles, distribution of clothes, medicines, etc in orphanages and old age homes.
b. Any other initiatives that help the society.